Microsoft Office 365 Update

Many of our clients are utilizing Microsoft Office 365 for their business.  The platform provides the MS Office Suite, Exchange, OneDrive, and other tools via the cloud, is accessible from all devices, and is always up to date.  We have chosen to highlight O365 because Microsoft’s support of Windows 10 is coming to an end.  After October, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 10.  As a result, many organizations are evaluating O365 versus a traditional premise-based Windows solution.

Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office product line. The brand encompasses plans that allow use of the Microsoft Office software suite over the life of the subscription, as well as cloud-products for business environments, such as hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint, among others. All Office 365 plans include automatic updates to their respective software at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licenses for these programs—where new versions require purchase of a new license.

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CCaaS Solutions

CCaaS solutons are becoming the preferred deployment model for
many contact centers in North America, replacing traditional on premises contact center infrastructure. Gartner assessed nine vendors to help application leaders responsible for customer service and support technology make the right choice.

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Hyper Converged Networking

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a category of scale-out software-integrated infrastructure that applies a modular approach to compute, network and storage on standard hardware, leveraging distributed, horizontal building blocks under unified management. HCI vendors either build their own appliances using common, off-the-shelf infrastructure (hardware, virtualization, operating system), or they engage with system vendors that package the HCI vendor’s software stack as an appliance. Alternatively, HCI vendors sell their software directly to end users, through resellers and integrators, for use as part of a reference architecture, or on an HCI-as-a-service basis, either on-premises or in a public cloud.

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Cloud Computing Primer  

Cloud is evolving from a market disruptor to an expected approach for
traditional and next-generation IT. Our research offers actionable advice for
IT leaders, CIOs and technical professionals as cloud becomes a required
foundation to exploit current and future disruptions.

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Mind the Gap – Women in Technology Leadership

Network Services Inc’s leader, Kim Chapman has been a women in the technology business for 30 years. She will be featured in NC Tech’s May Newsletter – an organization that she once led. Download the article below to see how Kim has thrived as a leader.

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