“After spending hours on the phone with telecom companies, it’s a pleasure to pick up the phone or email Network Services about trouble tickets and MACD’s. They keep us up to date on status changes and inform us of resolutions on a timely basis. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. It’s like having an additional headcount in the IT department without the additional expense.”
“We were paying for telephone lines that were not active and for services that were either not being received or were unnecessary. With Chris’s initial review of our first four hotels, he was able to reduce our billings by more than $14,000 a year. Next was our Courtyard. Here alone he saved us more than $8,000 a year. Do the math. For a 2 year term contract, he saved us more than $44,000, and that is for just 5 of our twelve properties.”
“NSI has been consulting and managing voice and data for Daly Seven, Inc. for the past year. During this period, they have saved our company $40,000. The staff at Network Services is professional, competent and efficient. Alternatives are thoroughly analyzed, installations are managed till completed, and communication with all parties involved is excellent.”
“NSI was instrumental in helping us re-design our voice and data networks in addition to giving us superb guidance when choosing a new IP telephony phone system. Since, we’ve reduced our telecommunications costs, increased company efficiencies and counted on NSI to always have our best interests in mind.”